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Whatever your idea or needs may be, we can handle it. T8 Exhibits is with you from start to finish.

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1. Concept/Ideation

We help to bring your vision to life with vivid, detailed renderings prior to any construction. We’ve completed hundreds of client events, and we’re always there to partner with you on the creative process.

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2. Fabrication

Let’s bring your vision to life. Working with wood, metal, plexiglass, laminate, glass, and other materials, we build almost all of our experiential displays at our fabrication center in Tennessee, bringing our expertise to each piece.

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We will make sure that it’s delivered where and when you want it, whether working with our highly trusted shipping partner or yours.

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4. Set-up & Installation

We offer setup supervision and installation services on site during the build out and set up of your event, helping with assembly and troubleshooting any issues as they come up. We will also pick up at the end of the night, making your job easy.

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5. storage

We can store your products for you between events, keeping them safe and ready for a quick delivery.


Indoor Exhibits


Outdoor Exhibits

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